Looking for Alaska


Dit is een Engelse samenvatting

auteur: John Green

Samenvatting:  (excuses voor mijn Engels, het is niet mijn beste vak, Als je fouten opmerkt, laat het me weten 😉 )
Miles Halter is going to chance from school. He had no friends, and was searching for a ‘Great Perhaps’. When he arrive at Culver Creek Preparatory School he hopes to make friends. Chip Martin, his roommate, is a not so tall boy who loves to make fun, go smoking and drinking (both are absolutely forbidden, but that’s of course the challenge) and who is, he said to Miles, not a popular kid. If Miles wanted to make friends with the ‘popular’ ones, he could better not follow him. But Miles liked Chip and went with him to the room from Alaska, a girl who deals the cigarettes.
Chip says that everyone calls him ‘the colonel’ so he have to do that too, and Miles’  nickname would be ‘Pudge’.
Miles (or Pudge) does already fast discover that Alaska is a special girl, a little bit extraordinary. He actually falls in love with her immediately, but he knows she has a boyfriend.
The days at school are pretty good for Miles and he has 3 good friends now; the Colonel, Alaska and Takumi, an Asian boy. With them he goes smoking and drinking, and they sometimes do a prank, mostly by their English teacher, who they call ‘the Aegle’ (because he sees everything).
After a while, Miles meets Lara, a girl from his class who think Miles is cute. Even he loves Alaska, he kisses with Lara and for a time they become a couple.
One day/night, the Colonel, Alaska and Miles are just smoking and drinking in Alaska’s room. Around 3 o’clock, Alaska screams he have to go, after she had a phone call. Miles and the colonel don’t know what is happening but they provide a diversion so that Alaska could get the car and escape of the school terrain.
The day after, the message coms Alaska died in a car accident that night. Miles is desperate and does not believe she really dead, but after a while he have to accept the fact. Together with the Colonel, and later with Takumi, he tries to find out where Alaska was going, why she was going and what was happened that night.

Mijn leeservaring:
I have enjoyed reading this book. I am not that good in English but this was perfect for my knowledge. I think the story could happened in real life, and maybe that’s why it was so intriguing. The story is just what happened in and outside school.  I like and dislike the personage of Alaska, because she is weird (nice weird) and me too so I saw a lot of this I would say or do too. But sometimes she was so mean and stupid, that I had no appreciating for her.
I do not like the end, because when Miles and the Colonel after a long time discover why and where Alaska was leaving, I was very disappointed. I thought it would be a big mystery with a ‘oh my God’ denouement. It wasn’t. Also, the last-let say- 10 chapters were almost the same. There did not many happened in the ‘AFTER’ days. It was a bit wordy.
Without saying this, it was I good book.

Score:  6/10


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