Ottessa Moshfegh - Eileen

dit is een Engelse samenvatting

Auteur: Ottessa Moshfegh

Eileen is a 24 years old woman, who lives with her father in a old ugly apartment. Since Eileens mother died, they don’t take care for the house or even themselves. Eileen works in a prison for young boys as ‘secretaresse’. She doesn’t earn much money and what she has, she spend on alcohol (mostly gin) for her father. He is drunk, everyday and everynight, he does nothing but sleeping, drinking and complaining. He is always very mean and heartless to Eileen, he doesn’t appreciate her and think she’s lazy and useless, that she will never have a man or even a life.
Eileen thinks she is nothing too. She is secretly in love with one of the guards (Randy) in the prison and the only reason she didn’t kill herself yet, is because she knows Randy doesn’t have a girlfriend. So “maybe” she has a chance ( but she knows she hasn’t because she doesn’t know he knows she exists). The only happy thoughts she has are daydreams about Randy&her and stalking him by waiting in the car and looking at his window the whole evening, imagining what he’s doing there.
Eileen has a terrible live. She doesn’t take showers in like two weeks, because she just don’t care about herself, she wears a cap she found on the street, she steals in shops, she drinks, sometimes, she smokes, she has no friends, her father doesn’t love her, she has no love life, she eats almost nothing and takes often laxative to vomit, she has weird habits,….
But then she meets Rebecca and she feels more important. Rebecca is someone with class but also speaks with her, has secrets with her. Eileen finally has a friend.
Rebecca invites her to celebrate christmas together, but that night does not goes like it was planned.

Mijn leeservaring:
This book was really….weird. I had to read a book from te Man Booker Prize and to be honest, I chose this one because it only had 260 pages.

The book has compartiments, like ‘friday’, ‘christmas eve’, ‘today’,.. . The story itself is only a half week but it’s unbelieveble how much is happening in one day.
First I didn’t like this book, because it only told how cruel Eileens life was and how depressed she was and so on.
But after like 50 pages it didn’t disturb me anymore.
And than…After I while the story became even thrilling! I really was curious and liked to read further.

I don’t know I should put this book on the list ‘Man Booker Prize’, but it wasn’t that bad as I thought at first 🙂

Score: 6/10



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